Hi All!!!! Welcome!! to my PERSONAL WEATHER STATION Website located at The Top Of The Hill.

I am providing up to the minute weather data which is being uploaded from my home located in Nanticoke PA. 18634 at an elevation of 684.7 ft.

The PWS is a Acurite 5in1 wireless station. It provides Temperature, Wind, Rainfall, Humidity, along with Barometric Pressure providing accurate data which is being updated every 15 seconds. Here at Georges Weather I am also uploading to 6 weather sites. This site is a work in progress. When time permits it will be updated with interesting weather links. Simply click on my main weather page. You will find links to all types of info from that page.

Now a bit of info about myself. Been a weather enthusiast for as long as I can remember. Always wanted to put a weather station online. In September of this year 2017 it became a reality. A very BIG THANKS goes out to my GOOD friend John K3DBG who has had a BIG hand in the development of this site and also the future additions.

I am also a Amateur Radio Operator with the call K3ZK. Weather and Radio!! More like Weather Radio! ha!!! Both are interesting hobbies to say the least. Been a licensed ham just over 20 years. When you get on the air and turn the VFO you never know what part of the world you will be taking a visit to that day.

Would you like to bounce your signal off the moon and talk to someone in Europe? How about talking to the commander of the International Space Station? Or even talk to a missionary located in the Peruvian Jungle? The list goes on and on.

So stay tuned I will be bringing you the best of both worlds. Im not quite sure how to lay things out as of yet but will try my best.

There are times when the weather station will be down for a short period of time for routine maintenance or updates. Please be patient!!! It will be back online ASAP. Also I must mention another good friend of mine who is, I guess you can say, the Chief Technician. So let me sort this out. John K3DBG is the Chief Engineer as well as the Chief Web Master and Mark KC3BRP is the Chief Technician and Head of Maintenance. All I do is pay the bills!!!!!!!

OK!!! Enough is enough!!! Right?? So, enjoy and your feedback is welcome. Simply click on the "Main Weather Station Page" link below and from that page you will see the main menu. Select the tab named "Other Stuff" and you'll see the contact link there. Enjoy...Enjoy...


K3ZK's Main Weather Station Page On the Top Of the Hill In Nanticoke, PA

K3ZK's Alternate Weather Station Page On the Top Of the Hill In Nanticoke, PA

K3ZK's Weather Underground Page Nanticoke, PA

MURGAS Amateur Radio Club Website

 This site will be changing very often until I perfect it!

George K3ZK